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How to share my card using a QR Code?
How to share my card using a QR Code?
Use Haystack's QR code feature to generate a QR code that other people can scan to get your contact details
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Sharing your card using a QR Code is one of the simplest and fastest ways to share your card.

Once you tap the 'share' button at the bottom right corner of your card, choose the 'QR Code' option.

Once the QR Code is shown on your screen, ask the recipient to point their camera app, Haystack app, or QR Code scanning app at your screen's QR code - your card will quickly load up on their device - magic!

Please note: While this method is fast and easy, you need to make sure the recipient's device has an app that can scan QR Codes. As a general rule:

  • If the recipient is a Haystack user - they can just use the normal scanning feature of the app to scan your QR Code

  • All iPhones with iOS 11 or higher are able to read Haystack's QR Codes using the native iPhone camera app - just ask them to open their camera app and point it at your QR Code

  • Many modern Android devices are able to read Haystack's QR Codes straight from the native camera app

  • For anyone else not fitting to one of the categories above, they may have a dedicated QR Code scanning app. This would work too

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