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How do I verify my card?
How do I verify my card?

Use the app to verify your card to your Haystack account

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To verify your card:

On iPhones:

  1. in the main screen of the app (where you see the list of cards) tap the '+' symbol below the 'search box'

  2. Enter the email address of the card you would like to verify

  3. Follow the prompts

ps. If at the end of the process you still see the 'unverified' wording, please go back to the main screen and 'pull-down to refresh'. This would normally do the trick.

For Android users:

1. Make sure your card appears at the top*:

2. Tap on your card
3. Scroll to the bottom and look for a big red "Card email unverified" button:

If you see this button:

a) Tap on the 'Verify your email address' button
b) Check your email inbox (the inbox for the email address that appears on your digital card)
c) Click on the link in the email to verify your card - your card is now verified!
Note: If your card still appears unverified in the app, try refreshing.

If you do not see this button:

Your card is verified!

*Note: If your card does not appear at the top, you may need to go through the 'Create your digital card' process (click here for the video).
You'll automatically get a verification email which will move your card to the "Your Haystack card" section at the top.

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