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I opened the app and my cards/contacts disappeared.
I opened the app and my cards/contacts disappeared.

Find the cards you scanned + contacts you saved and restore them on your phone.

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Haystack automatically backs up your contacts whenever you are signed into the app. If you open the app and do not see them, it is likely that:
a) You were signed out of your account
b) You opened the app on a new device as an "anonymous user" (i.e. not signed in) or
c) You signed in with a different account to the one your cards are saved on

You can restore your cards by signing in again by:

  1. Open the app and go to Haystack's Settings

  2. Tap 'Sign in' and enter your email address/password and sign in

If your cards do not appear, try signing in with any other email address you might have used (work email, personal email or other email).

If you still cannot find your cards, send an email to and we will assist you in finding them.

Note: We can only help locate cards for people who have signed into the app. If you have never signed into the app, there is no way for us to locate the cards you scanned since you were registered as an anonymous user.

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