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How do I get my logo to fit?
How do I get my logo to fit?

Crop your logo to fit the right size and dimensions for your card

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Whether your card is a paper card, or a digital card, a quality image can make the difference between an average card, and a great looking card that makes a great first impression.

We recommend you take the time to create your logo image using the instructions below to get the best results.

If the normal cropping tool in the app or the Admin Dashboard is still cropping your logo, that means that the dimensions of the image you are using are not the required dimensions.ย 

The required dimensions are 3 by 2 (1080x720 pixels for best results).

Here is how to create one, using your selected image editing program:

  1. Open an image editing program

  2. Create a 1080x720 blank image

  3. Paste your logo in the middle, and allow padding between your logo and the edge of the logo (see guide image below)

  4. Save the image as a JPG file and add to your Haystack card

Image with padding example:

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