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This page describes the steps required to set up Haystack's Hubspot integration. It assumes you have signed up to Haystack for Business.
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Assuming you've already signed up to Haystack for Business, you should have access to your account's Admin Dashboard.

Step 1: Turn on the integration switch in the 'integrations' tab in your Admin Dashboard

Step 2: Sign in to Hubspot through the Haystack iOS or Android App

Open the app >> Tap 'Settings' (on iPhone at the bottom right, on Android accessed through the 'three lines' at the top left) >> Tap on your company under the 'Companies' section >> Tap and sign in to Hubspot

Note: If you don't see the 'Hubspot' option, try refreshing the app: Go to your list of cards; scroll to the top; 'pull' the screen down to refresh.

Step 3: Test - the integration should now be working

You will now have new options in the app that let you share cards to your company. Test this out by:

  • Find a card in your app, tap on the card and choose 'Forward to your company's card collection' at the bottom. The card will automatically be added as a new contact in your Hubspot; Or

  • When you scan a card, you will also see an option which lets you forward to your company straight away, as part of the scanning process (In the screen where you confirm the card's email address). This will also add the card as a new contact in Hubspot


  • Don't see the option in settings to connect to your company and the CRM? Check that you've followed the activation steps in this short video:

  • Hubspot only allows users with either Admin or Account Admin permissions to add contacts via 3rd party app integrations. Please make sure you have the required permissions on your Hubspot user account

  • Still having issues? Contact our support - we would love to help.

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