Haystack for Business includes everything a business needs to capture more leads and grow the business:

  • Digital business card - look beautiful, professional and on brand with more customization options
  • Corporate brand (templates) - deploy consistent branding across your team's digital cards, controlled centrally for an Admin Dashboard
  • Website & social media links - Add all your website and social media channels including: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, and many others
  • Add a calendar link so clients can book appointments with you straight from your card
  • Team onboarding - Automated onboarding experience for your team
  • Email Signatures – Link your digital business card to your email signature to automatically update your email signature when your card details change
  • Haystack App - Fully featured native iOS and Android Apps
  • Windows phone - supported via a WebApp with ‘sharing/viewing’ functionality
  • Card Updates - Automatic updates of company cards over time
  • Backups - Complete backup of contacts
  • Analytics – “share”, “open” & “scan” data
  • Unmetered Use - Unlimited number of card scans and shares
  • Export Contacts - CSV export functionality both centralized and for each employee (on team plans)
  • Support Center - To assist with technical issues and user support
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