Does Haystack support SSO?

Article explaining Single Sign On at Haystack

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Haystack supports sign in with Microsoft, Apple and Google.

Due to Privacy regulations around the world, employee accounts on Haystack are actually the property of each employee (not the company's property). It is only the 'company cards' that are owned by the company. This means that the company can restrict access to its information and cards, as well as deactivate company cards for departing employees, without 'deactivating personal accounts'.

As employees own their accounts, Haystack does not force SSO for employee accounts as employees will need to maintain access to their account which would only hold their personal information even after their employment.

Instead of SSO, Haystack uses HRIS/AAD integration to automatically issue, control & restrict the access of employees to company data, as well as automatic onboarding and offboarding of new and terminated employees. This means that the company can achieve the automated data & employee control it expects to achieve via SSO without implementing SSO and without compromising privacy considerations.

For more information, please reach out to your Account Manager.

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