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CRM sync via
CRM sync via

Connect your CRM to Haystack using

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Connecting Haystack to your CRM can be simple and powerful when connected via Make. Make is a 3rd party service helping Haystack connect to hundreds of other platforms.

This connection is only available as part of your Haystack paid subscription (you can find out more about them here)

Here is how to connect your CRM with Haystack via

Step 1: Connect to Haystack

1. Go to and sign up/sign in

2. Select “Create a new scenario”

3. Click the plus sign and search for “Webhooks”

4. Select “Custom Webhook”

5. Select “Add”

6. Name your webhook and click “Save”

7. Copy the provided URL

8. Open Haystack app > Settings > Tap on your company > Tap 'Zapier' (If you don't see the 'Zapier' option, try refreshing the app (by performing "pull to refresh" when in the 'card list' view in the app)

9. Paste the URL from Step 8, make sure 'Send test message' is checked, and click Continue. If the test is successful, you will see the below:

10. Return to and select “OK”

Step 2: Connect your CRM

1. Click the bubble to the side of your webhook and search for your CRM

2. Choose an action (e.g. Create new contact) > Click 'Continue'

3. Sign in with your CRM account > Click 'Continue'

* If you are integrating Hubspot using, please be sure to have super admin/developer privileges to complete the setup.

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