The QR codes are a visual representation of a URL. When you ask us to export the QR codes for your company's users, we export a list of the 'share URLs' as they are much more flexible than an image. For example:

  1. QR code for printed material need to be of different specifications to a screen presented QR code

  2. You may want to customize your QR code with colors & logo

When you have the URL, you can create the QR code to the exact specifications of what you need it for.

For example, if you need it for printed materials, your printer company would normally be able to use the excel file and auto-generate the QR codes they need. If your designer needs it, Photoshop can also present QR codes from a list of URLs. On top of this, there are countless free QR generator tools which will generate the QR code to your exact specifications and customizations.

For these reasons, we do not generate the QR code itself, but rather give you the URL.

This said, if you want a QR code in the Excel table, please use this formula (works in both Excel & Google Sheets) to generate the QR codes in the table: =IMAGE("" & ENCODEURL(A2))

Note: "A2" is the cell containing the URL you received from us.

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