When setting up a CRM integration via Zapier, it can be helpful to set up tags to identify individual employees, departments or more. Below is a set of instructions for how to set up a query parameter using Zapier to achieve said customization.

  • Copy the link from Zapier (from step 'f' in the Zapier Sync article)

  • Go to the Haystack mobile app's settings screen

  • Click your company's name

  • Click "Zapier" and paste the URL provided by Zapier

  • Add "?<key>=<value>" to the end of the provided URL

  • It should look like this example:

  • Go back to Zapier on your computer

  • Under your CRM name, select "Set up action"

  • Scroll to the desired field and select "1. Querystring <key>" from the list

  • It should look something like this:

** For each desired parameter, you can add "&<key2>=<value2>" and so forth at the end of the provided URL from Zapier then add to the applicable fields as necessary.

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