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How to set up query parameters for Zapier?
How to set up query parameters for Zapier?

This is an article for advanced users to set up further customization to their CRM integration with Haystack via Zapier

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When setting up a CRM integration via Zapier, it can be helpful to set up tags to identify individual employees, departments or more. Below is a set of instructions for how to set up a query parameter using Zapier to achieve said customization.

  • Copy the link from Zapier (from step 'f' in the Zapier Sync article)

  • Go to the Haystack mobile app's settings screen

  • Click your company's name

  • Click "Zapier" and paste the URL provided by Zapier

  • Add "?<key>=<value>" to the end of the provided URL

  • It should look like this example:

  • Go back to Zapier on your computer

  • Under your CRM name, select "Set up action"

  • Scroll to the desired field and select "1. Querystring <key>" from the list

  • It should look something like this:

** For each desired parameter, you can add "&<key2>=<value2>" and so forth at the end of the provided URL from Zapier then add to the applicable fields as necessary.

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