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Can I scan someone's email signature with Haystack?
Can I scan someone's email signature with Haystack?

Add a contact to Haystack using someone's email signature

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Scanning someone's email address is the fastest way to get people's contact details saved into your contacts.

Here is how:

  1. When viewing the email signature on your phone, take a 'screenshot' using your phone's screenshot function

  2. Your phone will offer you to 'edit' the screenshot - choose 'edit' and just crop the image to only show the person's email signature

  3. On iOS: Save the image to your gallery, open your Haystack app >> tap the 'scan' button >> tap 'from gallery' and follow the prompts

  4. On Android: Choose 'share' image >> tap 'scan with Haystack' and follow the prompts

Note: If you can't read the information in the email signature image - nor can the scanner. For best results, make sure the screenshot you send to the scanner is clear, and cropped well.

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