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Why is my CSV export file empty?
Why is my CSV export file empty?

Tried exporting your contacts and got an empty/ near empty CSV file? this article will help you export all your contacts (paid feature).

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The Admin Dashboard has an 'export contacts' feature. This feature in the admin dashboard is for exporting the contacts of the whole company - not just your individual ones. This means two things:

  1. When you export contacts from the Admin Dashboard you may get contacts from other co-workers if you have any on your account

  2. You will only get the contacts you (and you any of your co-workers) have actively 'shared with the company' (this is to comply with privacy legislation around the world). Contacts you did NOT share with the company are defined as your personal contacts and cannot be downloaded from the Admin Dashboard

To export all of your contacts, you need to use the 'export contacts' feature in the app installed on your phone instead.

If you've linked up your personal account in the app to your paid account, follow these instructions to export your contacts.

If when following the instructions the app on your phone still asks you to 'upgrade to Premium' then it means that the link between your paid account and your app has not been established yet. Please follow these instructions to link them up.

** Note: This feature is only available to members who are part of a Haystack paid account.

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