There are three steps to this process:

Step 1 - invite your employees to join the company's tempate

  • Click the 'Templates' tab on the left of the Admin Dashboard

  • Select a template (or create a new one)

  • 'Invite' each person to the template by typing in their email addresses

  • Your employees will receive an email invitation to join the company

Step 2 - Employees need to 'share' the cards they scan with the company

  • For new card scans - as soon as employees scan new cards, they will be prompted to 'share with company' (set to 'YES' by default)

  • For cards that have already been scanned - employees will need to tap the 'share' icon for each card they want to share with the company, and select 'share with company'

Step 3 - Export contacts to CSV

  • When you want all the contact details of all the business cards your employees shared with your company, tap the 'CSV Export' tab on the left of the Admin Dashboard, and follow the prompts

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