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How do I edit my name and photo in the Admin Dashboard?
How do I edit my name and photo in the Admin Dashboard?
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The Admin Dashboard is designed to manage the cards, templates, integrations, and email signatures for an entire company. A company could have one employee, a few employees, or even tens of thousands of employees.

For this reason, before you can edit your name & profile photo, you need to:

  1. Create your template (where you can't edit your profile photo or name)

  2. Invite yourself (by adding your email to the template)

  3. 'Activate' your card (using the email our system sent you)

Once you've done the above, in the Admin Dashboard:

  1. Click the 'Managed cards' tab, and click the card you want to edit

  2. Click the 'edit' button on the top right of the box and edit details / upload profile image 

Note: you can do the same editing directly from your Haystack app on your phone - open the Haystack app on your phone, tap your card to view in full screen view, tap the 'edit' icon at the top right of the screen and provide your edits. When you're done - tap 'save' and you are ready to go.

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