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Can I have more than one Haystack card? (iPhone)
Can I have more than one Haystack card? (iPhone)

Add and manage multiple digital business cards - all on your one account

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Yes. You can own as many Haystack cards as you want and choose which ones to share.

To add another Haystack card:

  1. Tap on the 'plus' icon at the top right above your card

  2. Type in a new email address for the new card you want to add and follow the prompts

Your new card will appear and we'll send you an email to verify that it belongs to you.

Note: Each card needs a separate email address. If you want to create more than one card for the same email address and you're using Gmail as your email provider, then you can use the 'Gmail '+' trick'. Otherwise, you are welcome to contact us - in some cases we allow multiple cards using the same email address (paid plans only).

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