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How to upload my profile or logo image to my card?
How to upload my profile or logo image to my card?

This article explains how to edit your card, and upload your profile and logo images to your Haystack card.

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Whether your card is a paper card, or a digital card, quality images can make the difference between an average card, and a great looking card that makes a great first impression.

Here is an interesting fact: By adding your profile photo to your card, your recipients will interact with it 6 times more, than if you don't - so if you want to make your business card work for you - add your profile image!  (Real Estate Agents were right all along).

We recommend you take the time to create quality logo and profile images for your card.

Once you have the images on your phone, here is how to upload them:

  1. Open Haystack app on your phone

  2. Tap the card you want to add the images for

  3. Tap the 'edit' icon at the top right corner of the screen

  4. Tap the logo/profile image space to upload the images to your card

  5. Tap the 'save' icon at the top right corner and you're done

If the cropping tool in the app is cropping your images, that means that the dimensions of the images you are using are not the required dimensions. 

Here are the recommended image dimensions/size:

  • Profile image (square): 720px * 720px

  • Logo image (3:2):  1080px * 720px

The higher the resolution of your photos, the better quality they will appear on your card.

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