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Can I make my digital card look like my paper card?
Can I make my digital card look like my paper card?

What are the differences between paper card and digital card designs?

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Digital cards have a different shape and size to the paper card - so uploading an existing design of a paper card would not work.

While paper cards have a fixed size & shape, digital cards may have different sizes and shapes depending on the device the recipient is using to view your card on. Imagine one recipient opening your card on a 42" computer monitor, the second on their iPhone, and the third on their iWatch - your digital card needs to change its shape and size so it doesn't look broken or out of place.

We designed our digital cards to load up perfectly on any screen size and shape, and on any device and operating system, as you never know what device the recipient is going to use in order to view & save your digital card.

The general layout has been designed for this flexibility and has been tested on thousands of device/screen combinations so we can guarantee your card will look beautiful and perfect every time you share it with someone.

Depending on the device/operating system, even the fonts we use may change a little (so for example, on Macs your card will use Helvetica, and on Windows PCs it will use Arial). This is again to make sure we maximise the compatibility of the cards (including all language settings).

For these reasons, working on a different layout for your digital card would not work, as it is not about what it looks like on your screen - it is more about what it looks like on the receiving end.

We have more than 400,000 brands on the system - I'm sure we can help you represent your brand beautifully on a digital card.

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