1. Click on the 'Templates' tab on the left hand side of your dashboard:

  • Click the ‘Create a Template’ button OR; Select an existing template

  • Customize your card’s design and upload your logo;

  • Click the ‘content’ tab and add the key contact details to be shown on all your Business Cards; And

  • Click ‘Save Changes’ in the upper right hand corner when you are done.

2) Invite people to Haystack for Business (including your own card):

  • Click the blue ‘Invite People’ button 

  • Enter the email addresses of the people you’d like to upgrade to 'Haystack for Business' (to invite your own card, add the email address shown on your existing free card)

  • Click the ‘Add Cards’ button

3) Check your inbox

  • Open the invitation email from Haystack

  • Click the ‘Activate’ button and follow the prompts

Once you have clicked the 'Activate' button, the card will appear on the 'Manage cards' page.

Here is a short video tutorial on how to get started:

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