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CRM sync via Zapier
CRM sync via Zapier

Connect your CRM to Haystack using Zapier

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Step 1: Connect Zapier to Haystack

a. Go to and sign up/sign in
b. Click the '+' button on the top left to 'Create Zap'
c. On the 'Choose a Trigger App' page, click 'Webhooks by Zapier'
d. In the 'event' field choose 'Catch Hook' & 'Continue'

e. On the 'Set up trigger' screen, click 'Continue'
f. On the 'Test trigger' screen, click 'Copy' (see also our 'query parameters' article for advanced features)

g. Open Haystack app > Settings > Tap on your company > Tap 'Zapier' (If you don't see the 'Zapier' option, try refreshing the app: Go to your list of cards; scroll to the top; 'pull' the screen down to refresh)
h. Paste the URL from Step f, make sure 'Send test message' is checked, and click 'Continue'
i. Return to Zapier and click 'Test trigger'
j. You should get a 'We found a request!' message >> choose 'request A' and click 'Continue'

Step 2: Connect to your CRM

a. On the 'Action' screen, select your CRM (this example uses Hubspot)
b. Choose an 'event' (e.g. 'Create contact') >> Click 'Continue'

c. Click 'sign in' to sign in to your CRM account >> click 'connect app' and then click 'Continue'

d. In the 'set up action' screen, map the data set to each field to select the information you want to send from Haystack to your CRM

e.g. In the 'email' field, select 'email 1' from the dropdown list

e. Repeat this process for each field
f. Click 'Continue'
g. Click 'test action'

h. Update the 'zap name' at the top left corner from 'untitled zap' to 'Haystack CRM integration'
h. Click 'publish zap' >> then 'publish & turn on'

** To further customize your integration, check out our advanced article "How to set up query params?"

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