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The app won't accept my street address
The app won't accept my street address

This article is for people experiencing issues with adding their street address to the app on either iPhone or Android devices

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Adding your street address to your business card is one of the key pieces of information people expect to find on your card. It is therefore important for the street address to appear on your card in a way that helps recipients of your card find your business.

With your Haystack digital card, the street address can help recipients find your business in two ways:

  1. They can 'tap' your street address to launch their navigation app so the app will navigate them automatically to your business; Or/And

  2. They can just read the street address as it may include details like what level or unit number your business is located at

This is why the app lets you customize both the address the navigation app is going to use, and also the text that people see on the card.

Here is how to set each of them. In this example, let's assume that the address of our business is: Level 18, 400 George Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Step 1: 'edit' your card (tap the 'edit'/'pencil' icon at the top right corner of the screen when viewing the relevant card in full screen)

Step 2: Tap the "street address"

Step 3: Search for the address as you would on Google Maps (without the "level 18")

Step 4: Choose the correct address (as per Google Maps)

Step 5: If Google Maps didn't get the exact location correctly, you can adjust the location of the 'niddle' to get an even more accurate map navigation. Once you're ready, hit the 'next' button

Step 6: Edit the street address the exact way you would like it to appear for humans on your card and hit 'done'

Step 7: If the street address appears correctly in the edit screen, just hit the 'save' button and you're done

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