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Can I get the contact info of my digital card's recipients?
Can I get the contact info of my digital card's recipients?

This article explains how you can collect the contact details of the people receiving your digital card

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Sharing your digital business card is most often a two-sided exchange of information. Haystack makes it easy for you to collect the contact information of the people you meet and save it directly to your contacts.

When receiving a paper card from someone

The easiest way to exchange information is to just 'scan' their card - the app will scan their paper card, save their contact details to your phone, and also 'send your digital card' back to them automatically using the email address printed on their card.

Sending your card to someone

Sometimes you share your digital card with someone, while the other does not have a business card with them. When they receive your card, your card has a form that makes it easy for the recipient to send you back their details - when they do, Haystack will save their details to your phone.

What happens when the recipient did not give me their card, and did not send me their details? Can I still collect their contact details?

When you share your card via text or email, you automatically collect the phone number or the email address of the person you shared your card with (it's either in your sent messages, or your sent emails).

When you share your card via QR code, due to privacy legislation, Haystack cannot share any identifiable information about the recipient without them filling out their details (this is why we only send their details when they do).

For times where it is important to capture leads using the digital card, we recommend one of the following methods:

  1. For 1-on-1 interactions: Share the cards via text or email - this lets you collect the email address or the phone number (whichever is more important to you) for further lead nurturing

  2. For 1-to-many interactions (eg. a QR code on a presentation slide when presenting to a room full of people): The presenter can tell the audience about a 'prize' or a 'raffle' whereby one of the people filling in their details will win 'X'. Doesn't need to be much. Could be a 'free report' or a 'free/discounted consult', this will entice more people to send back their details

Here is a use case one of our real estate clients came up with

This client wanted both the phone numbers & the email addresses of new leads, so they created a flow whereby:

  1. Their real estate agents share their cards via text (collecting name & phone number)

  2. Two days later, the agent texts that person with "Hey X, if you'd like a free market report for your area, please text me back your email address, and I'll email it your way"

  3. They sent the market report and added the collected contact information into their marketing funnel for further nurturing

This is a great example of how to use your digital card to supercharge your lead generation.

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