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Why is the "Export Contacts" option not available in my app?
Why is the "Export Contacts" option not available in my app?

How to make the export feature available if you've signed up for a Haystack for Business subscription.

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Have you signed up to Haystack for Business to export your contacts, but the export option is still missing from your app's "Settings" screen? Have no fear! The solution is a quick and painless one.

Linking your app to your subscription

The export option can be made available by linking your app to your subscription, following the steps below:

  1. Log into your Admin Dashboard using your existing Haystack credentials

  2. Go to Templates tab and create a template. If you already have an existing template, you can skip to the next step.

  3. Click the "invite people" button underneath the template you've created, enter the email address on your card, and click the 'add cards' button.

  4. Open your email inbox, find the invitation email you should have received from Haystack, click the 'activate card' button, then follow the on-screen instructions on the opened browser window until you've reached the "Success!" screen.

  5. Go back into the app and 'pull down to refresh' from the top of the app's main screen (cards list).

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is also a 'CSV export' function in the Admin Dashboard - this is a different function that is designed to download the contact lists of other employees in your company. If you are the only employee in the company, you need to use the 'CSV export' function in the app on your phone.

Exporting your contacts to CSV/Excel

Once you've linked your app to your subscription, follow the steps below to export your Haystack contacts to CSV/Excel:

  1. Open the app on your phone

  2. Tap "Settings" (bottom right corner on iPhones, or top left corner on Android devices)

  3. Tap "Export contacts"

  4. From here, select to Export "All contacts", "Last 30 days" or a date range

Please note: Exporting contacts to CSV/Excel is a function only available for our Haystack for Business and Enterprise clients.

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